Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Evening!

Hey hey hey! It's that time for T.G.I.F...well for some right?

While everyone is out have a blast this Friday night I'm stuck at work. Although it can be a lot of fun since my job is to insure that everyone is enjoying themselves and spending loads of money! So I'm on a lil break and I thought I would share it with you while I much on some chicken tenders mmmm.

Thank you for all the wonderful feedback on my "if." I found it all very encouraging and I'm excited for this weeks! I agree about the color scheme I love it to. In fact I'm a bit of a "double dipper." I have used those colors schemes a couple of time. I have two examples uploaded on my flickr I'll show you. Plus if you look over at my profile pic of this blog you see think those shoes came in that color? Nope. I painted them. They were soooo cute they even had a little red stripe on the bottom. I wore those puppies out!

Have a great weekend I'll catch up with everyone once it's over!


  1. Great colors! I love that pink hair!

  2. Oh, I love your paintings! Have you thought of opening and Etsy shop?