Saturday, August 8, 2009

make a face

Sometimes you get in a rut you'll be amazed how making a face will make you feel better


Even had Allison making faces (she's my oldest niece)

Mine (Illustration Friday "impatience")

I still have yet to finish my actual paintings. Been finding myself getting too caught up in making it look real. Also can't stay focused lately and being impatient has been a big issue. Not to mention some new projects my sister and I have been brewing. I'll fill in the details later! So this afternoon I did some quick paintings no thoughts or anything just go with the flow. Allowed me to be the scatter brain I truly am! Anybody feel me? Ah I feel so much better now!

What are somethings you guys do when you're having a hard time staying on track?

Have a lovely Saturday!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Double dip

Shame shame on me I've got a couple of paintings started but any finished...? Nope! Will have something done to show soon!

OK back to work! Take care lovelies!!!