Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Working Ahead

Since Valentine's Day will be whizzing on by soon. Then coming up around the corner will be Easter and there are plenty of bloggers already posting their creations. I would know I spent way too much time on bloglines today. Thought I'd share some Easter too.

The page in my sketch book where I elaborated the theme. I love seeing what's in every one's sketch book. Little ideas, notes, or doodles to just pass the time.

Not excatly clear, had problems uploading the full pic. If interested check out the full one here.

Next project involves paper cranes. They are magical.


  1. This reminds me of my wedding. :) We got married out in the woods in the middle of nowhere and two of my friends were supposed to make paper cranes to hang from the trees, but they were late getting there and missed the wedding. I have maybe one photo of us where you can almost see the cranes in the background (which we hung up last minute just for pictures) but they're so tiny you can barely make out what they are.. ha!

    Anyway, thanks for bringing back some sweet memories. :)

  2. lovley drawing and painting...i love the little rabbit!

  3. very cute rabbit :)
    I love paper cranes... i covered my christmas tree with them this year (wait, last year).
    oh and you should totally youtube 'daniel' by bat for lashes, there's a live version up of her new song that's pretty sweet :)