Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Who doesn't love it when blogs take time out to show respects for those millions of crazy talented creators out there? I am all for it! Great way to unearth new influences. Here is my shot and since it's Earth Day, I am only going to post about one of earth's best friends, trees.

1. Hope for Growth, 2. "Concurso Superziper - Kit Paulinia", 3. Tree Hugger Pendant, 4. stump, 5. Jackalope Cuckoo clock, 6. ::wandering trees::, 7. Ornate Tree, 8. Folk art houses and trees papercutting, 9. Happy Earth Day!

Have a greeny day!


  1. i love that first illustration, and i really really want a tree sillouette painted in my room.

  2. these are so lovely! I cant pick a favorite.

  3. Cute collection! I want them all!


  4. This is a beautiful collection! Also, I love the title banner for your blog. : )