Thursday, May 14, 2009

By Glance

So there has been a horrible bug flying by, and that bug my friends I have caught. Not good, not good at all! Ok, so I'm talking about having a cold here. No possible chance that this bug could be cute or make musical notes. It's the bug that makes you cough, feel light headed and to quickly sum it up feel absolutely awful! :( It has knocked me off my feet and the more I try to ignore it the more welcome it feels to stay. Boy, I hope to feel 100 percent real soon!

When I'm not in bed sleeping, I've been getting out and getting my creative grove down. I have a couple of glances of what I'm up to.
Calling her Miss Aquamarine


Note that I painted these two on illustration board and they have yet to be cropped! Till then I think that Miss Aquamarine kinda looks like a onion head? Do you see it?

Silvia was one of my favorite illustrations, loved how the Alphonse Mucha in me speak out. :P I wish! But I really enjoyed her and would of liked to turn her into a print...leave it to me to lose her. I have suffered from the scatter brain syndrome all my life. So I made a new one with different colors. And would you of guessed days after I made the new silvia, the old one appears out of nowhere! So now I have two, don't believe this is a bad thing either.

The first illustration. Actually this looks like her "day" look

And this looks likes her "night" look

Off back to bed I go, sweet dreams everyone!


  1. get better soon.
    The first painting looks just like this (very cool) girl at my school. And the second is very sweet looking

  2. hey there, thanks for commenting on my blog! It certainly is great to be a winner. :-)
    I'm really loving your paintings! Awesome work.

  3. Ugh! I hate being sick! Love the colors of your paintings. So pretty! Fell better!

  4. Goodness! I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling unwell -- I do hope you feel better soon!

    I love the new paintings you've posted! They're wonderful. :D Love the jellyfish and the squid.

    We should do a swap together someday!

  5. i love silvias new 'day look'. it looks awesome! i hope you feel better SOON friend. have a great day! :)

  6. Ah...these were the "contagious" pictures. I really really like them, especially the octapus-head ones. My brain feels like that sometimes. It looks like it could be hair--or part of a fab. hairdo, but you just know it's somehow squeezing her brain. I don't get any of the visual confusion I did in the other pictures.

    They're beautiful!

  7. wow! i really like your artwork. great job XD