Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hide no more

Why hello there strangers! How I miss you, truly I do I'm doing a lot of catching up today.
I enjoyed this little painting a very small canvas. Never actually finished the girl with the colorful winter hat. It was actually a hat my niece wore this winter, was very cute on her.
Wallflower "8x8" Acrlyic on canvas.
Something I did however finished. I relate a lot to her as a wallflower. Just a little quite girl that enjoys watching in the background. She been in the studio being very bored with the surroundings there. Don't worry wallflower we are cleaning the cobwebs.

Hope that everyone has been well, and hope to see you soon!


  1. Beautiful work, Andrea. Sending magical wishes. xx

  2. Glad to see you back! Wall flower is gorgeous! So expressive, and the patterning is lovely. I've just started doing acrylic portraits myself, they are so much fun!

  3. Wow! She's lovely!! I love how you incorporated the vines into the background, as well as on her skin. Absolutely gorgeous!

  4. These are so stunning! Great job!!