Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Today I sat down to focus on not one or two but FOUR paintings! My focus is still a not exactly where I'd like it to be. So today's painting were free flowing and fun, no fuss on the details. (those details are whats been nipping me in the butt) Felt real good and I say that with a smile on my face. Feels real good :D

I'll show you the other 3 through out this week!

Sweet dreams, xoxo


  1. i like seeing them slowly develop. the colors are so vivid!

  2. really cool! just from posting back and forth, i think we're a lot alike when it comes to the creative process, so i feel like i can relate to you. Glad to see you're doing something! I know what you mean about all those little details- they always keep me from starting or finishing something, so I just have to do exactly what you're doing now- let go, have fun, consider it an "exercise" just for fun, and if it turns itself into something more, then yaaaay!! and if not, it can go into the trash and no one will ever have to know! haha. But seriously, I think it's the sort of thing you have to do when in a rut or in a creative lull. It helps me "wake up" in a sense, and I can move on to big projects from those small exercises. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to work with new materials, subjects, or techniques because it may make you feel uninhibited in your work (instead of "i can't do that, it's not my style- it doesn't go with the rest of my work", you say "oh, this is just a 'doodle' or 'an exercise' so no pressure to CREATE something amazing- just drawing a picture for my fridge") It's so freeing (is that a word? lol)

  3. wanted to say thank you, for YOU have helped me :)
    Seeing all these pages hanging up, (and the paint dripping down the wall) reminded me of my old paint class; the carefree fun of making messes, and sometimes art (haha!) and just having fun with the medium... I forgot how nice that was. So, i dug through the trash, slapped some stuff together, and now I've got a 'study' piece in the making. thank YOU andrea! ^__^