Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long to do lists

Hey everyone!!!

Yikes where have I been? Anybody know? I'm not even too sure. That's not right is it? I've been trying to keep myself in busy bee mode. I have such a long list of things I need to get done! I have a two shows coming up quite soon. So I have lots of new things done but no photos. What!?! I will get some. Then on another down side my laptop's outlet thingy-ma-bob (don't let my technology vocabulary intimidate you) has just decided to up a leave one day. Leaving me unable to charge my good. Makes me a sad panda.

Here are the links to the two up and coming shows you can find me at, have them off the right too. So if you are in Ohio please come by and say hi, that would just tickle me pink!

Off to work once again!


  1. Good luck with the shows, you busy bee! ;-) Hope they are a great success for you. x

  2. yaaay!! that's so exciting!!
    Do you have some new work for these shows? (if so, can't wait to see!)

    And that computer cord mabobber thing-y... (I named my laptop Edgar, so I refer the cord is "Edgar's tale" lol)well- once I loaned my laptop to a friend and her puppy ATE the cord... disaster... know any computer nerds? they tend to have extras or know how to come by them pretty easy. nerds... *__*

  3. how exciting!
    I can't wait to see what you've been up to.