Thursday, October 29, 2009


Good Morning!

My oh my how time flies when I just simply draw. Hours can go by so fast, left me behind asking where did all the time go. Just love being in that "trance". Thought I'd start my day by showing off a quick scan of what I did last night.

Time really does go by so fast, only 1 more week till my show at Oddmall. And still so many more things to create!


  1. Wow ... This is exquisite, Andrea. Love how you've captured the light in her eyes and on her face. Brilliant! x

  2. wow, this is so different than your usual work (i love both styles) she looks luminescent, the detailing is extrordinary.

  3. wow! she's beautiful! love the eyes :)
    and all the subtle details that make up this drawing (the lines in the hair, around the eyes, etc) and of course, the coral motiffe. (sp??) lol
    I know what you mean about how sometimes you just get caught up when working on something. It's a great feeling too, when you're ENJOYING the proces, AND you know it's coming along nicely :) You don't WANT to have to stop working on it 'til it's finished