Monday, February 22, 2010


Although I'm not sticking to my goals of wishing to blog more. I have been sticking to my goals with sketching. I've been carrying it everywhere. First took some time getting use to drawing in public...little shy I guess. But my faithful sketch book has been a dear friend to me.

Happy Monday!


  1. i totally know what you mean, about drawing in public! i love the profile you drew, it's great! I really like the others too, i just happen to be working on a profile painting and it's kind of kicking my butt, so props to you for a job well done! ^__^ And I've also been behind on my posting haha. Heck, I've kind of been behind on my art too; right now I'm hand sewing a stupid quilt and trying to make jewelry and stuff for my etsy shop. Not a lot of art like I was doing for a while lol

  2. Your sketches are so beautiful, Andrea. Bright wishes. xx

  3. These are gorgeous. So soft and delicate yet strong. That little wisp of hair in the first one just kills me. I hate it when I draw in public and people come to peak over my shoulder. I just feel like covering it up because it's not done and I'm not happy with it yet. But sometimes the chance of drawing random strangers is so worth it, drawing the same old people can be so tiresome