Monday, March 8, 2010

out with the gray and in with the blue

Motivation can be so hard to come by now a days. Especially when there is gray skies outside. But the past two days the sky has been so clear and blue. And I've been dancing around feeling absolutely fantastic. Where was this feeling when I was snowed in? Is anybody else like this?


  1. These are all amazing!!! I love them!!! ^__^
    I really like the first one- the face is gorgeous. It's really soft with the pencil shading, and the pink lettering gives it a different feel. It could be "a pretty drawing," but it looks like a finished illustrative work. I like it!
    *The one with the tree, gorgeous! She's so perfect, and I love her expression juxtaposed with the bare branches.
    *Third one, I love her expression and pose.
    I hope you do something with these?? (future paintings perhaps?)

  2. Wonderful work, Andrea! And, yes, I feel the good vibes too. Isn't it just magical? Bright wishes. xx

  3. Thank you Alex and Carol. I have a plan for only one of them. In fact I believe I will work on it tonight. Very excited to do so. There is something magical going on not only in the air but with my attitude too. So long seasonal depression, if that is what you call it. I just need the sunshine. it gives me incredible energy.

  4. Oh I can't wait to see! And I know what you mean, I've been in a creative slump for a while now. Or at least, lacking the motivation to FINISH something haha. I've got loads of projects in the making, but none finished enough to photograph and blog about haha

  5. just divine. How you play with space in the second one is just exquisite, and the way you arranged the third girl is so emotive. Feeling uninspired always sucks, I tend to work best under pressure, nothing like a deadline to force some creativity out. Speaking of which I should stop blogging and finish up my project.

  6. You draw beautifully. I found your blog because I'm your partner on Art Madness on Swap-bot. :o) You capture the eyes so well, I think figure drawing is one of the hardest artistic roads. I haven't had the courage to try it yet, although my mother is fantastic at figures, just like you.
    Nice to meet you Andrea.
    Jenn (Jaemac from Swap-Bot)

  7. wow, your illustrations are flawless! i wish i could draw like that.

  8. These particular pencil drawings are so fragile and subtle. very nice!