Thursday, November 5, 2009

bubble gum bubble gum in a dish...


I have been bad about posting new work. Once getting things done I put it in a safe spot ready to ship off with me to Oddmall, which is this weekend! I've been going through a "identity crisis" lately. You know a lot of artists have that style you can pick out in a crowd. I love that, but doesn't work so well for me. I'm just a mood swinging scattered brain...why fight it. Just as long as I'm creating and keeping my hands messy with graphite or paints, I am happy.

Been making quite a few lil silhouettes for my booth. If they don't find new homes this weekend I'll be more than happy to make a lovely arrangement all over my wall. Or maybe I should just make some for myself one day

Sweet dreams or Happy creating tonight


  1. i like the silhouettes! they'll sell i promise you ^__^ unless i'm just subconsciously partial to silhouettes or anything that is cameo related haha.

    I know what you mean about "finding your style"-- I would always see other artists whose work i looved and would strive to replicate it, but fall short every time. but, the more i worked, i began to realize- "hey, this IS my style"-- it might not be earth shatteringly unique, but it's still MINE. It can drive you crazy to try to force a style, or to try to "focus" all your creativity into ONE thing (whether it's a style, a medium, technique, them, whatever)-- but I've realized there ARE those artists out there, whose work is just a wonderful and beautiful, no matter what they do. And that only goes to show the breadth and creativity that's inside them. Just do what you like, and the rest will follow. I mean, you might feel like your work goes all over the place, but I see consistency. Yes, you change it up, you try out different things, but I see qualities that run through each piece you do. I love your bright use of color. I love the nautical/ocean/seaside motiffes that are common throughout your work. I see common techniques or feelings throughout your body of work. And you don't have to feel like you are stuck in a rut, like you HAVE to keep doing the same thing, or KEEP incorporating the same elements throughout your work. I mean, look at Picasso- he went through his "blue period," he went through cubism, and everything else he did, and we can see his work as "His." Not everything is the same, not everything is consistant, but that's why we're artists! Because we looove to create and are inspired by what we see, what we like, by what we consider beautiful. If you just create with that in mind, a world of creativity will open itself up to you.
    I'm just saying this, because I have felt so pressured to "find a style" or to "be consistent" and that always just puts pressure on a person. I decided "i don't care- I'm just going to create, and keep growing, keep improving, and see what comes from it." And I personally have found making art to be so much more enjoyable when I don't have all that pressure, or all those expectations on me. So, goodluck?

  2. Sorry for my tirade haha. TMI, right? :D
    Just speaking from my experience, giving crazy artist advice. Oh, those artists... so crazy... and long winded too apparently haha!! Sorry andrea

  3. Thank you Alex loved your crazy artist advice made me smile :D

  4. A great follow-up from Alex. Create! Create! Create! and do so to your heart's content, Andrea. I think the work (as a whole) is immensely interesting when it's evolving. Enjoy! xx

    PS ~ Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. I've left a message for you there too.

  5. again, sorry for all the words haha. it's hard to find a balance especially when you're creating art because you like it, and while trying to establish yourself in the commercial side of art. it makes you crazy trying to figure out your "thing" or your "gimmick" so to speak. I've learned that most of my favorite artists just do what they like- whether its choosing a subject, a model, a technique, a theme or some continuing iconography throughout their work. "go with what you know" and "make it work!" lol (my little tim gunn reference, cliche i know) haha

  6. lovely as usual. I think that you are wrong, you DO have a style. Your bright colors, sillouettes ocean themes and mix of 2d pattering with more 3 dimensional shadowing seems all vary you. We all have room to stretch and grow as an artist but how we portray beauty and the world around us determines our artistic identity. So no matter how we expirement with brushstrokes and media who we are as an artist shines through. I am confident that i could pick your work out of a line up.
    On a sepeate not I love that white sillouette. The dark messy wash really adds a lot to it. And I really like how you interpreted nature into the sillouettes.
    (sorry for such a long comment!)

  7. hey- how did you do with your cute little cameos? did you get to sell them all? :D