Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Barely made it

I made it through this weekend. It started off horrible with driving on a spare tire to loosing my wallet. Then going to oddmall meeting new people and having the company of my sister-by-choice. Oooh the ups and downs in life...its worth it in the end don't you think

Hope everyone else's weekend ran a lil more smoother!

PS. Everyone's comment from before...thank you! Those words brought a lot of light to my day


  1. Sorry to hear you had an up down weekend, Andrea. Life can be crazy sometimes. Let's hope this next one is much better. Love the lady above. She has a kind of Marilyn eyelash curl and pout to match. Brilliant! x

  2. aww :(
    I'm so sorry about that.
    I hope things are going smoother?
    I don't even remember what my weekend was about haha. I know there was homework involved. Ummm... I honestly think that was it lol.

  3. aw. thats too bad. :( I feel like i'm struggling to make it through the week. Every week. I hope you're feeling better.