Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10 things

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I'm not going to go too personal here, just little random facts about me.

1. Lynn is my middle name. I was named after my Aunt. Growing up she had always told my Mother that she only wanted girls, and no redheaded freckled boys. Well needless to say the 2 children she did end up having were 2 redhead freckled boys! Sometimes I wish I took after Grandma too and was a redhead with freckles.

2. I soo geek out and I soo freak out for the dearly missed show "Freaks and Geeks" hands down my favorite TV show ever!

3. You know those "What if" questions? Someone asked me a easy one: What if I had to give up ice cream or popcorn which would it be? Kinda easy for me, I'd give up ice cream. I'm lactose intolerant! Don't get me wrong I'll sneak a little every now and then esp. if its mint chocolate chip, or anything with peanut butter. (yum!) I'll pay for it if I over do it. Popcorn now...I LOVE it. Favorite snack/junk food. I could consume more than I willing to admit here....shh.

4. Speaking of intolerant...also intakes of this give me massive headaches just as dairy does. Orphan Annie, now I love redheads obviously but her...? Can-not-stand-her! Don't know where the annoyance came from or started for that matter.

5. I'm actually a super silly person. I only feel comfortable being that way around people I trust the most.
6. I grew up living in the middle of nowhere, Ohio. Seriously! More fields than house just about. Not 100% sure but I think there is 600 some people living in my hometown. Then for school, my town and 2 other smaller villages got together to form one school district. Still wasn't amazing I graduated in a class of 40. Definitely enjoy Columbus a lot better!

7. While I was living at home waiting on tables (at a near by city), I had a famous musical group sit in my section. I didn't know who they were, but I did notice everyone in the dinning room staring. Finally a co-worker told me: it was the Temptations. Of course I know their music but never would of put a face to the sounds till now. They had a healthy appetite. very well mannered, and very generous.

8. Growing up I had one best friend, and she is still my best friend. My Grandpa liked to call her "Double trouble" and that's what she was! :P I can only hope we never change and we keep doing what we do the best. I'm imagining our future would look like Sigur Ros video for "Hoppipolla " Running around like we still own the town! Its something worth watching. If you click the picture it will lead you to the video.

9. Flower weakness...fuschia. I stop in awe of their unique beauty.

10. Well I don't know if you notice I tend to lean toward a sea theme here lately. I am fascinated what all lies in the ocean! Although this midwestern girl has only seen the ocean once!

There has been a sigh of relief. *aahhh* Things have been kinda busy for me lately. Interviews, a possible internship, settling in at a new job, and well life. But I feel like I'm adjusting around to make the best possible schedule for me. So hopefully that means more of me. "Rats!" I know all you are saying, come on did you really think you could of gotten rid of me so easily!?!

Don't get into too much trouble this weekend! ;P


  1. i have the freckles, but often wish for the red hair. I love the ocean too and actually am a liscened scuba diver, but i doubt i'll ever do it again, it was terrifying.

  2. I love Freaks and Geeks! my favourite show too! love their geekery:D
    Wish I had freckles and red orange hair, It's so beautiful!