Monday, June 1, 2009

Philadelphia City of "SISTERLY" Love!

I'm finding that this title seems more fitting for my visit to this brotherly love city. I was lucky enough to share this whole experience with my beautiful sister. (check out her wonderful talents here) What a weekend we had together! I don't know where to start to tell you how incredibly proud I am of the two of us. What a big step this show was for us, can't wait to see what the future holds.

On the way there was tagged tunnels, rest stops, Starbucks and me cutting out seals that comes with my lil paper dolls

Set up of the show, views of the booth

What a amazing weekend it was! And tiresome, been catching up on missing hours of sleep today. Can't waste too much time sleeping though this weekend I go for round two. Luckly closer to home. I'm vending at Lobsterfest in Athens, Ohio. Oh how I love Athens it is such a cute town so of course I'm excited about that!

Now for me to visit every one's blog while I was away :D


  1. This looks great! congrats! I wish we had those art fairs here in Stockholm:)

  2. Your booth looked great! hope it was super successful and lucrative :)

  3. your booth looks so cute, i love art fairs, i hope lots of people came by and bought all your lovely things.

  4. Sisterly Love :)
    Big Hugs.. I'm so glad to have taken the road trip with you. Hopefully more in the future, minus the girly issues.

  5. So I totally meant to comment on this sooner!

    Where was this fair in Philly? I LOVE Philly! I went there to train last July, and it was the best. Center City ROCKS! And they have soooo many great vegan eats there. Mmmm!

    How exciting for you, though! I wish I could've gone and visited your booth. :O Oh, when you're ready to swap, just drop me a line! I actually have a request in regards to your goooorgeous linework. <3 I'm glad you're back -- I missed reading your journal!

  6. Very cool! I like how colorful everything is! So pretty!