Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What a warm breeze

My oh my is it toasty outside! Been trying my hardest to stay cool, I don't always succeed in doing so. I say that as I wipe off my damp forehead. Air condition would be quite lovely.

I haven't really been working on anything new at the moment. I'll be sure to change that next post I hope. Scratch that I WILL...have to program my brain like that. What a silly girl I am! Oh well.

Although I would be happy to share with you some lil silhouettes I've been playing around on photoshop. You know, just for fun. You will have to excuse me there will be definite lack of color in this post.

Hope everyone is staying cool!




  1. I love these, Andrea! I saw them pop up in my Flickr, and I squealed. :D Do you draw these freehand? The items on their heads look like hats!

    Oh, and I wanted to respond to your post before but didn't have the time to churn out a response. As to what inspires me... It's probably other crafters/artists. The books and magazines I buy often give me some ideas that I run wild with.

    There's a lot of talent on Craftster, and I find myself learning a lot from them!

  2. what darling little sillouttes, the bird cage and pirate ship are especially dreamy

  3. These are so cool and fun! Love the one with the mushrooms on the head!

  4. These are absolutely great! I personally love the black and white:D

  5. oh these are so lovely! my favorite is probably the pirate ship. but the birdcage is wonderful too. they all are! :)

    indigo and i have tagged you to share 10 facts about yourself. take a look at our post if you'd like! :)

    love tangerine